DMAN Quad Pack


200mL Shampoo Deep Cleanser // Body Wash Invigorate
120mL Shave Cream
80g Pomade Styling Product

DMAN Body Wash is a new and invigorating, soap free wash that gently cleanses and removes impurities from the body. It contains Eucalyptus Oil and Olive Leaf Extract to calm and protect your skin from dryness.

DMAN Shampoo is a deep cleansing shampoo that removes oil and build-up of styling products. It contains Saw Palmetto to calm and soothe dry and irritated scalps.

DMAN Shaving Cream is a deluxe shaving cream that allows the razor to glide for a close shave, leaving the skin smooth and ultra-hydrated. It contains Squalene to soften the skin and Lemon Tea Tree Oil which provides anti-microbial properties.

DMAN Pomade is a light to medium hold, water based styling pomade. It will control and mould your style, provide shine without grease and washes out with ease.