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200mL Shampoo Deep Cleanser
150mL Thickening Spray
120mL Shave Cream
80g Pomade Styling Product

DMAN Shampoo is a deep cleansing shampoo that removes oil and build-up of styling products. It contains Saw Palmetto to calm and soothe dry and irritated scalps.

DMAN Thickening Gel Spray is a deluxe styling product, the perfect grooming add-on assisting in the appearance of fuller, thicker hair with a matte finish.

DMAN Shaving Cream is a deluxe shaving cream that allows the razor to glide for a close shave, leaving the skin smooth and ultra-hydrated. It contains Squalene to soften the skin and Lemon Tea Tree Oil which provides anti-microbial properties.

DMAN Pomade is a light to medium hold, water based styling pomade. It will control and mould your style, provide shine without grease and washes out with ease.