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TRICHO Scalp Balance Trio Pack

TRICHO Scalp Balance Trio Pack

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200mL Cleanser // Conditioner
125mL Toner

A three step treatment program designed for conditions of the scalp such as dandruff, scaling, itch, tight scalp and stress related problems where the scalp is dry. To distinguish between OILY and DRY dandruff, rule of thumb is dry dandruff flakes off on it's own and you will find the dandruff falls to your shoulders/it appears to 'snow' with SMALL chunks of dandruff; whereas oily dandruff tends to clump together on the scalp and create far LARGER chunks of dandruff when it falls.

Scalp Balance Cleanser gently cleanses the scalp without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Vitamin enriched to gently nourish a sensitised, dry scalp and hair.
Scalp Balance Conditioner moisturises and balances scalp by reinforcing the skin barrier and creating a protective film. Vitamin enriched to gently nourish a sensitised, dry scalp and hair.
Scalp Balance Toner acts as a stimulant, promoting circulation and a healthy scalp. Enriched with a multivitamin herbal complex and a natural oil derivative for the care of scaly scalps. Provides antimicrobial and anti-flaking properties to soothe and restore balance.